Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Cockscomb + Bird = Addition

Hospital Sketches Block #2
Virginia Cockscomb
Joan Smith

There's been some discussion on our Hospital Sketches FaceBook page about the missing bird in the cockscomb block. Several of the traditional quilts include a bird.

The page:

From the McMinn Valley Museum in Tennessee

From dealer Stella Rubin's inventory

From dealer Laura Fisher's inventory

The bird is much the same in all three---as is the flourish with the heart

Here it is again in a picture Bill Volckening sent

Since this applique BOM is all about addition and subtraction several readers have added a bird.

Gladii Porsche

Meliss Swanson

Lorraine Hoffman

Someone asked where to get a bird. Well, the experienced appliquers have a file of pictures I'd imagine. You could create one too. Do a web search for words like
Antique quilt bird applique ....
which is how I found this one from Julie Silber's blog
I wouldn't be doing those toes (do birds have toes?)

Feet can be a problem

Here's one Karla Menaugh did for our out-of-print book
Juniper & Mistletoe

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Wendy Caton Reed said...

O.k., o.k., I'm going to add a bird! I've been following them on FB and mine does look a little bare. Thanks for the inspiration.