Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Sprouts #1
by Erica Cannon

Sprouts is a variation on this year's BOM Hospital Sketches.

Same pattern pieces; different arrangement.

The smaller version is for people in a hurry,
people who are new to applique,
people who like an updated look...

Or people who just like to sew and sew.
Like Erica

In other words:
People who don't want to make a traditional applique quilt.

I've always enjoyed looking at the design elements in traditional applique and figuring out how the artists combined them, repeated them and changed them. Sprouts picks the essential elements from each traditional block.

Block #2 
Virginia Cockscomb by Denniele.
She is machine appliqueing raw edges.
Denniele says:
"My Sprouts blocks finish at 9". They are just the perfect amount of applique for me!"

She has to keep reminding me how big hers are. It's a number---they all look the same to me. I have a sticky note on the computer now: "Denniele 9" finished"

Sara Reimer Farley has put her own spin on them---
Diagonal and in pots.
She has plans to add these to another project.

What to do with the blocks?
Here are 1 & 2 side by side.
Cut 9" squares for the background
You get 8-1/2" finished squares x 3 x 3.
You will have a 25-1/2" quilt.

The blocks can finish from 8" to 9-1/2".

Here is a larger set idea (38-1/2" square), sashing with or without cornerstones
 for 9-1/2" finished blocks cut 10".

38-1/2” Square
9-1/2” Finished blocks (9 of them)

Backgrounds: Cut squares 10” (or larger and trim after applique)
Sashing: Cut strips 3”
2 strips 39-1/2” long for sides
4 strips 34-1/2”

For cornerstone set as shown in the EQ8 drawing:
16 squares 3”
12 strips 10” x 3” for sash
2 strips 39-1/2” x 3” for side border
2 strips 34-1/2” x 3” for top & bottom.
Scraps for the applique
Background: Fat quarters-You can get two 10” squares out of each
Sash & borders 2/3 yard

Erica is making two blocks

Denniele has been designing on her design wall. This was her first idea.

She played with the color

Soon we will get this together and tell you the measurements.
If I remember to write them down.

And one more error--you will notice in the comments that Erica made
the blocks above, although I initially credited Jeanne.


Jeanne said...

The sprouts are darling but they aren't mine! I think Erica Cannon did them.

Susie H said...

So many ways to make it yours! The Sprout blocks are darling.

Erica said...

Yes, that was Erica, not Jeanne.