Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Antebellum Album Set for Nine Blocks Plus Edge

You've got ten patterns, January to October. Pick your favorite nine blocks and get his puppy finished before the holidays. I took Mark's retro red and green blocks and made a virtual quilt inspired by the applique sampler below. The blocks are set with alternate unpieced blocks.

From the Nebraska Project and the Quilt Index

I chopped off the edge in Photoshop so you just
have a half of Block #10

About 67-1/2" x 67-1/2"

Then because I am trying to get good at the new EQ8 I spent some time drawing and coloring. I need more practice so choosing the tools in the new format is second nature. You want to learn a computer program you spend an hour a day on it for a while. (My idea of a good time.)

You can do a screen capture of the quilt in EQ with or without the
seam lines.

The Pattern

9 Pieced Blocks for the center finishing to 12" 
16 alternate white blocks cut 12-1/2" square, finishing to 12"
12 edge blocks---here they are half of Block #10, Carolina Lily.
4 corner blocks---a quarter of the Carolina Lily block.

There might be some complaints about this plan, however. Pretty as Block 10 may be, it begs the question....How many Y seams would you have to do? Now you could piece those edge blocks like Martha C did:

No Y

See a post on her modified pattern last week:

Block 2 Lend & Borrow as the border

Or you might want to try a faster-to-piece block. Well, faster to piece if you like to chain piece half-square triangles by the yard.

With the seam lines

See the Block 2 Instructions here:

This one might work better with plain white corner triangles.
Cut 2 white squares 9-3/8".

Cut each in half diagonally and you'll have 4 corner triangles you can trim a bit.

I used EQ8 to calculate the yardage for the white alternate blocks and the
extra edge blocks.

It says:
2-1/2 Yards of white 
and 1-1/2 yards each of the two colors for the edge blocks here.

Of course if I spent an hour a day at my sewing machine instead of at my computer I'd get a lot of these ideas actually stitched.

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Rosa said...

Fantastic design.Great idea for borders.Many thnaks!