Saturday, July 9, 2016

Lincoln Memorial Quilt from the Massachusetts Project

"In Memory of Abraham Lincoln"

"President of the U. States"

"Assassinated at Washington
April 12th 1865"

The Massachusetts project has included this photo of a Civil War memorial quilt at the Quilt Index.
Little seems to be known about it. It was in a private collection at the time it was documented, inherited from mother.

The central block has a dedication
"To G.A.N.
From His Friends"

Embroidered blocks include names and initials with places and regiment numbers.

The block is a traditional album variation, placed on point.
From the photos the fabrics look to be about 1870-1890.

See it at this link:

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Unknown said...

I love historical quilts. You just made my quiltie day.
THANKS :), JulieinTN