Saturday, February 14, 2015

Threads of Memory Label

Here's a label to print out on treated fabric. Stitch it to
your completed Threads of Memory Sampler.

How to print:
  • Create a word file or a new empty JPG file that is 8-1/2" x 11".
  • Click on the image above.
  • Right click on it and save it to your file.
  • Print that file out 8-1/2" x 11". The label measures 5" square to give you room to write on it with
  • a permanent pen.
  • Adjust the printed page size if necessary.

Ed's finished his Threads of Memory top.

"I concocted a full sized top (approx. 72x84") from the 12 blocks using scraps from my stash and a bit of reproduction Civil War era yardage for the outside border."

And so has The Pink Deenster:
" I did a modified version of the basic setting. My sashing is 3" wide and I used stars only in the interior portion. I then added a nine-patch in the center of the cornerstone stars so that I could sneak in a little pink."


Suzanne A said...

I've seen a lot of quilts, but never one like Ed's with the alternate strips of very wide nine patches. I really, really like it. Great job Ed!

susan said...

thanks for the label