Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hazel Green Wisconsin Soldiers' Quilt

Detail: The Hazel Green Soldiers Aid Quilt
Collection: Grant County Historical Society
Lancaster, Wisconsin

This pink signature quilt has been handed down with an inscription and the story of its making.

The inked inscription:
"Made by the members of the Young Ladies Soldiers Aid Society Hazel Green, Wis. 1864."

The story is that the women made the quilt to raise money for the Soldiers Aid Society.

This view seems to show a part of the quilt.
See more at Wisconsin History:

You can view it quite closely to see the various double pink prints.

Hazel  Green is a little town in Grant County in southwestern Wisconsin not far from the Mississippi River. 

The Grant County Herald in October 23, 1861 printed a plea to the ladies of the county.

“LADIES: - Your husbands, sons and brothers are now imperiling their lives in behalf of your country…But yet your duty to your country ceases not with the offerings you have already tendered. It requires at your hands still further sacrifices. It requires you now to show benevolence equal to your patriotism…You are solicited to come forward and tender the government your assistance in alleviating their distress. Our soldiers on duty – the sick and wounded in the hospital, require your aid and assistance…A sanitary committee, composed of some of the most scientific and benevolent citizens are appointed to act in concert with the agents of the government to procure a supply of such articles as our soldiers stand the most in need…Form yourselves into neighborhood societies, appoint some of the most active of your members to solicit money or contributions of materials; hold weekly sessions, bring together what you have been able to collect and purchase…Those articles that are now most needed are blankets. Through your committees of “Good Samaritans” solicit the donation of woolen blankets from every household that can possibly spare one. If woolen blankets cannot be had, get quilts or comfortable, padded with cotton…

The women responded. The 1881 Grant County History complimented them.

"Soldiers' Aid Societies were organized in every city, village and township...Many a soldier boy's heart has jumped with joy, as boxes laden with warm clothing, pocket comforts, or delicacies to which he had long been a stranger, came fresh from the far off Northern home..."


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