Saturday, February 23, 2013

Civil War Quilters: Loyal Hearts of Illinois

Floral Wreath Appliqué Quilt, ca. 1860
Made by Elizabeth (Sutherland) Jones (1793-1878)
Long Creek and Mt. Zion, Macon County, Illinois
Hand-appliquéd and quilted cotton
Collection of the Illinois State Museum. Gift of Mrs. Margaret Woodruff.
1974.17 (746931)

I see through one of my favorite blogs, WhatALoadAScrap, that the exhibit of Civil War quilts from the Illinois State Museum that was up in Chicago last year is now at the Illinois State Museum in Springfield.

This show, which seems to be expanded from the Chicago exhibit with other artifacts including weapons, costume and household goods from the era, will be up until September 8, 2013 

Here's the press release from the Museum:

The Sentimental Quilter got to see the show in Chicago last summer (25 quilts) and here is a post about it
So did Violette

The Illinois State Museum has a substantial collection of quilts.
See pictures of the collection here at the Quilt Index....388 of them!


suzanne said...

Thank you for all the links and info. I love the crazy border on the first quilt. It's so wild it's almost menacing, like "Be careful. Don't come too close." I wish the quilts in these museums were all in a book.

WoolenSails said...

I haven't been to the quilt index in a while, love just looking at the old quilts and being inspired.


Kay said...

Barbara and all bloggers: I am brand new to quilting and have always loved history. I'm also brand new to this site. I know I will enjoy!

One thing I hope any or all of you can help me with though and it has nothing to do with the cival war... sorry for going off topic.

My husband has a quilted (looks like entry door) hanging he was told was from the 1933 egyption exhibition at the word's fair. Where do I start looking for info?

thank you sooo much in advance.