Monday, February 14, 2011

Civil War Valentines and l patchie's 2 inch blocks

I think this is an excellent substitute for the Seven Sisters.
Applique is not an option at 2"

Have you noticed these tiny blocks on our Flickr photo group page?
They are done by l patchie (that's an L.)

(S)he often uses a thimble for scale

Whenever I wish I'd decided to do this series as a 12" block---easier for beginners---I remember there are many readers who aren't beginners and love a challenge. Nobody more than this miniaturist.

Eight-inch blocks are monumental by comparison.

And because it's St. Valentine's Day here are a few Civil-War era Valentines.

This is the cover of Harper's Weekly February 16, 1861.
No soldier's Valentines yet.

See a Civil War-themed valentine in a Flickr set by clicking here

Here's a link to information about Civil War Valentines from the Kansas Museum of History


Das Quiltmonster said...

Such tiny blocks: it's nearly unbelievebel!!! I'm eager to see the quilt at the end of the year!!
Greetings from Regina

Carmen María said...

I love it ! It really looks awesome! Very cute!
Hugs, Carmen Mª.

Diane said...

those who work with miniatures are just amazing to me! My jaw drops every time I see these tiny pieces.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Valentines links. The miniatures are wonderful, but I'll never be working on that scale!

Connie said...

Such cute little square, too small for me to do Thank for showing them to us!

Becky in VA said...

l patchie, your little blocks are just amazing.
Thanks for showing us how small these blocks can be made.

Anonymous said...

Great, now no scrap is too small. I'll never get through my stash with pieces that size. LOL

Merilyn said...

I have noticed those tiny blocks, and yes they are amazing!!! Awesome patience and great eyesight required LOL!!

Joan S said...

Barbara, have you heard of a quilt pattern called "Harp of Columbia"? It's supposed to be a Civil War pattern.

Barbara Brackman said...

Haven't heard of Harp Of Columbia!

Sarah said...


They are t.i.n.y!

Barbara Brackman said...

Here's a comment from the maker of the 2" blocks:
Hello, I'm Patchie (a woman) who sews the tiny blocks for Civil War! I'm French and my English isn't very good!!!I want to say thanks to you who share your interesting work with us, to Becky and Dustin. Usually my work is better than the tiny blocks, very difficult to be perfect! (She says she chose that scale because she has tendonitis and couldn't hand sew 52 large blocks) Thanks for all you give.

Leila said...

Barbara, I was wondering why you didn't choose 12 inch blocks too while I was piecing Kansas Troubles (I can't imagine making a whole quilt of those!), but all in all I think it will be a good thing. This quilt-along is really making me hone my piecing skills and there is a certain sense of pride that comes after finishing a block that was difficult.

I plan on sashing my blocks to 12 inches and alternating them on point with 12 inch blocks I will receive later this year from an online bee. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Thanks again!

Barbara Brackman said...

12 inch blocks would make a 110 inch long quilt with sashing, and I just decided that would be too big. (Technical Editor: Please check math.)

Becky in VA said...

Eight inch blocks are a good size to work with because the size allows for a variety of ways to put them together - borders, sashing, alternate blocks, etc. For me, it's way too early to start thinking about how I will set them together, but it will probably be on-point, because I think that always makes square blocks look more interesting.

Kristy said...

Thank you much for this fun quilt'along Barbara. I'm trying to add your button to my blog, but I'm dense and don't know how to do it without the code box. How do I find the button code for your page? Thanks a bunch :0)