Saturday, June 24, 2023

Hyperbole in a Civil War Memory- Compass


The Stockman's Journal published an ad for this pattern in 1934 telling us the contributor had copied it from one her Civil War veteran grandfather used to piece into quilts he sold to support his family. The man (Union or Confederate, she doesn't say) lost a leg at the Battle of Manassas (there were two battles) and crawled home 80 miles. He made over a hundred quilts in this block.

Well, we can buy very little of that story. But it is an interesting and challenging pattern. It's not in BlockBase+ so I drew it in EQ8 by importing various parts. Here's a pattern for a 16" block. The pattern may have been from the Aunt Martha Studios, but I haven't located it there.

We'll consider it a favorite of a Civil War veteran and leave the story at that.


Anonymous said...

It is Aunt Martha see
The dispatch from Moline , Illinois, 29Mar1934 page 11

Anonymous said...

And hers

June 8, 1933 Des Moines Tribune from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 17

Plus others