Saturday, May 13, 2023

How to Make a G.A.R. Quilt


From the Massachusetts project & the Quilt Index
Turkey red and white album block. A popular look after 1880.

The National Tribune was a newspaper published from 
1877 through the early 20th century for Union veterans of the Civil War.

W.R.C. = Women's Relief Corps

Wives and families of veterans were also readers and contributors, whether official members of the W.R.C., the auxiliary of the men's G.A.R. organization or not.

Lucia L Whitney of South Dakota sent an article with a how-to for a commemorative quilt suitable for beds in a Soldiers' Home. She advised twenty-four red and white blocks in an "album quilt" design with names of "dead heroes," soldiers and soldiers' wives and children.

Beaver County, Pennsylvania project & the Quilt Index
What was an album quilt pattern?
Ideas varied.

Massachusetts project & the Quilt Index
Red and white album quilt designs were quite the thing at the time.
Regional ideas and individual design choices were a factor.

Kansas State Historical Society Collection
Veteran's names inscribed on a quilt from LaCygne, Kansas

GAR quilt, Ohio, James Frasca Auction House

The instructions: Buy 5 yards of "fadeless red."


conny's quilts en creaties said...

I wonder what means G.A R.?

Danice G said...

'Not sure but think it means Grand Army of the Republic.

Barbara Brackman said...

thanks, Danice, Sorry not to explain. Grand Army of the Republic, the largest Union veterans' organization after the Civil War also had a "ladies' auxiliary" the Women's Relief Corps. Initials GAR or WRC indicate a quilt made for the organizations' charities.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the link for the Kansas State Historical Society—a new block to me and a stunning quilt! —Roxanne

Anonymous said...

Barbara, do you have other examples of this Primrose Path quilt? -Roxanne (again)