Saturday, November 20, 2021

Civil War Era Needlework


David Thompson Antiques
Quilts were not the only needlework inspired by sectional imagery during the Civil War. Here's a reticule, a purse in Union imagery.

Godey's Lady's Book

Godey's Lady's Book
The women's magazines of the day published patterns of all kinds

A "Needle Cushion"
(like a pin cushion)
Made for Albert Vaughan, 60th New York Inf. H by Emma Fisher in 1861

This little sewing kit with an image of the Confederate flag
is supposed to have been given to Confederate John S. Mosby 
by Mary Custis Lee but as she had a severe case
 of rheumatoid arthritis we can imagine someone else
did those tiny stitches.

New York Historical Society
Another Confederate gift, a pouch for tobacco?
In the shield is inked:
"From a young lady in Lebanon, Ky"

Tobacco pouches were a soldier's necessity.

Leather bag with Lincoln printed on one side; Grant on the other.

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Lizzy D said...

What does ''sectional imagery" mean in this context?

thank you

lizzy dillingham

Barbara Brackman said...

Lizzy- sectional imagery: flags Confederate and Union, pictures of leaders North and South like Grant.