Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Shopping for Repro Prints


From Hopewell by Jo Morton

All vaxed up and ready to shop? Here are some reproduction prints I've noticed. Check your quilt shop to see if these are on the shelves or on a ship somewhere in the Pacific coming soon.

From Glad Tidings by Jo Morton
Geometrics good for the 1840-1880 period

From MaryAnn's Gift by Betsy Chutchian

Paisleys a necessity from 1840-1890, especially
in madder reds and browns.

From Ladies' Legacy by Barbara Brackman

From Nancy's Needle by Betsy Chutchian
Above and Below

There are lots of good shirtings available right now.

The Fat Quarter Shop sells a packet of solids---
a chrome orange and a Turkey red. Both hard
colors to find.

From Regency Romance by Christopher Wilson-Tate,
a Sheraton panel

And those of us interested in chintz quilts from the 1800-1840
period will be glad to see some must-haves.

 From French General Favorites

Another French General

Great news for fans of Jane Austen (if a bit old news
as it came out months ago)
Jane Austen at Home
with a panel imitating the family quilt at Chawton House.

And prints drawn from it

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Thank you for this update new to quilting and helps me to select fabrics