Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Antebellum Album---Divided Hearts

Barbara Goetz, Antebellum Album, 2019

Collecting pictures of the 2018 BOM, Antebellum Album.
The book Divided Hearts should be out in a few weeks.

Charlene Bongiorno Stephens
These from our Facebook group show several in the "official set."

Debby Grisante
With a few additions, like the leaf applique

Janet Nagy Hanley

Jeanne Arnieri

Mary Walker Colgin

And then there are the unofficial sets.

France Aubert

Hard to get the correct color but here's an accurate
shot of her fabric.

Michelle Marker Christiansen

Traditional look in the sash with the blocks on point and the applique edge blocks.

Dominique Renou
Pieced stars in the sash.

Martha Claassen

Arrows an idea from Westering Women
a few years ago.

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Kerry said...

Wonderful! Super to see all the different ways that colour is used. Thank you Barbara and participants.

MissPat said...

Amazing that they all came from the same general pattern and very nice to see how each quilter individualized the project.. So much better than seeing hundreds of exact copies as happens with some other quilt-a-alongs.

Barbara Brackman said...

Thanks Miss Pat. I think as a teacher trained first as an art teacher I want to encourage people to follow their own creativity. I can provide the drawings (which many people just can't do) but they provide their own sense of color, composition and needlework skills. It's a happy combination.