Saturday, October 26, 2019

Calico Lining in a Confederate Hat

Here's a cool item. A Confederate cap, called a Kepi.
Wool on the outside

With a calico lining.

One could probably have a nice collection of hand-made kepi, but this one sold for about $8,000.

Here's what the seller said:

"Kepi...manufactured in the Richmond Virginia Depot. Similar examples can be found a museums across the world including the ...American Civil War Museum which has a similar example. ...constructed from grey and red Kersey wool. During the mid-war period the largest mill in Virginia was the Crenshaw Woollen Mill in Richmond, which made "all wool goods". Another mill was the Danville Manufacturing Co. in Danville, Virginia. This firm also supplied "thousands of yards of Kersey" throughout the war. By 1863 the caps produced by the Richmond Depot had colored bands and crowns. "


kathyinozarks said...


Denniele said...

Who knew! Thanks for the knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Oh my I would love to have that calico!

QuiltGranma said...

did they all have calico liners or was that added for the comfort of certain men? That is a question to search out. Wool is not comfortable to everyone, it causes some to itch. Very interesting! Wonder where they got the calico, since... wasn't it woven up north?

Darth Czarina said...

Really like the calico!