Wednesday, June 19, 2019

One Stash to Another

Civil War Crossing/Brackman & Thompson

We've been talking about having to go to your stash for repro prints lately. You can also go to somebody else's stash.

Civil War Anthem/Brackman & Thompson

 Etsy and EBay are two good sources for out-of-print prints. I found all these prints in an hour's search the other day.

Civil War Anthem/Brackman & Thompson

 Several online dealers have prints for sale. 
Do a search for my name on Etsy.

You'll find Civil War era reproduction prints.

And earlier styles.
Chintz from Lewis & Clark/Brackman & Thompson

There is also a lot of my Morris-style fabric.

And even some of our 1930s prints.

Do a search for any designer who specialized in repro prints:
Terry Clothier Thompson

Terry's shirtings

Judie Rothermel

Nancy Gere

Pam Buda

Kaye England

Mary Koval

Jo Morton

Paula Barnes

The out-of-print fabrics are still out there.


Wendy Caton Reed said...

And, then there are the fabric hoarders who can usually help a friend in need by digging into her stacks! Oh how I wish I had more of that Lewis and Clark line. I loved every fabric in it.

cityquilter grace said...

oh yes wendy...we KNOW who they are! i have some of those fabrics myself!

Nann said...

There is irony, or something, when reproductions of vintage prints become vintage themselves.

JustGail said...

As a late-comer to these fabrics, thank you for the list of designers to look for, I think. We'll see how my finances feel. :-) Some names I am familiar with, others not so much.

Pat said...

Lewis and Clark collection was so fabulous! And I would that green print by Judie Rothermel - oh my...I would want an entire bolt...