Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Reproduction Turkey Reds

You may be thinking of the classic red and green applique
style for your Hospital Sketches BOM that starts next week.

Then you'll need some Turkey red reproduction prints.
I've done posts on the topic several times in recent years.

Here's one from 4 years ago.

I thought I'd look around at what was available in 2019 (far fewer repros available now than then.) Here are some I found recently.

Paula Barnes, Baltimore House, Marcus Brothers, 2019

Provencal, paisley border stripe by American Jane

Les Fleurs de Nantes by Michelle Yeo for Penny Rose Fabrics

Manzanita Grove by Barbara J. Eikmeier for Paint Brush Studio/Fabriquilt

It might be easier to find a solid Turkey red reproduction.
You want a bright blue-red rather than a brownish red.

But it's difficult to get a good blue-red with today's dyes. Do test your reds for running. (I should have done that before I used a solid red in Block #1. It bled when I got it wet to take the paper out.)
Soak the red with a piece of white.
If it bleeds onto the white THROW IT OUT.
Do not put it back in the box with the other reds.
Or use it with dark backgrounds where the bleeding isn't so noticeable.

See this post on fixing bleeding reds:

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Thank you so much for this block of the month!
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