Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Way West Set for Westering Women

Diane's set for her Westering Women blocks.

She used her own version of the alternate Way West set.
See the instructions here:

This set was inspired by several images. One is an old pattern which is usually seen going North instead of West

Fourth Corner Molly calls it Tree House and says that pattern historian Wilene Smith traces it to a 1907 issue of Hearth & Home magazine, which published it as Toad Stool.

A new trend is the idea of putting all the sampler blocks on one side of the quilt and doing something else (or nothing) on the other side of the quilt.

Like Liesel Rautenbach's Modern Sampler.

Split Personality by Thomas Knauer

Way West

More sets next Wednesday.


Danice G said...

I love this set. So beautiful. 'Still planning on making one. First, though, will be finishing the Nov and Dec blocks for Westering Women :)

lalaluu said...

I love mixing traditional blocks with non-traditional settings. Not sure which I want to do yet, but I'm definitely getting these blocks together into a top! Bit sad that it's over, but so happy with the blocks I've made and the Y-seams I'm totally mastering now! Thank you for a wonderful BOM!

Barbara Brackman said...

Congratulations on the Y-seam mastery. You can make anything now. Next year mostly applique.

Jeanne said...

Oh, I really like the antique blue toadstool quilt. OK: "Start MORE Quilts"

Cindy Gast said...

My favorite sister-in-law made this! She is SO talented!

Janie said...

That Modern Sampler and Split Personality are fabulous!
Great ideas here.

suzanne said...

I'm looking forward to getting to know your diarist Caroline Cowles Richards. I found her diary as a free eBook on Amazon.

I'll start reading it now. She sounds delightful.

And of course I'm anxious to see what you will do with those eclectic quilt blocks, some of which look very difficult. Let's go!

Nann said...

I'll join the chorus: the "non-traditional" sets are such great variations! Thanks for sharing the ideas.

MissPat said...

Thanks to Suzanne for the heads up on the free Amazon e-book of the Diary. I just downloaded it. I live about 35 minutes from Canandaigua, in western NY, and I'm excited to start this QAL even though applique is a challenge for me. Maybe I will master it by the end of our journey.