Saturday, July 16, 2016

Reunion Ribbon Quilts

You couldn't have a Civil War Reunion without souvenir ribbons.

 113th Illinois Reunion in Palatine, Illinois

Many were saved in crazy quilts

This spectacular example is from the collection of 
Dr. Roy Egan of Pittsburgh.

A Pennsylvania Keystone with Pennsylvania ribbons

Connecticut Woman's Relief Corps
Connecticut State Library

The block at the top of the page contains women's ribbons.

Block in the shape of the symbol of the 
Woman's Relief Corps

One can guess that the quilt was made from ribbons
collected at various reunions---perhaps by one very well-traveled person
or a group.

The Witcher Brothers, Texas

But what about these quilts made from repeats of the same ribbon?

Quilt top made from 1889 ribbons from
a G.A.R, Reunion in Kearney, Nebraska

Made for Elijah Henry Clay Clavins of the 14th Indiana Volunteer Regiment.
Indiana Historical Society

Could someone have ordered a supply of souvenir
ribbons and been left with excess inventory?

See Maggie Frentz's quilt made of repeats of political ribbons at this post:

Streak of Lightning
Collection Boston Museum of Fine Art
Gift of Julie Powell
Quilt with lace edge pieced of multiple James Garfield and Winfield Hancock ribbons
after the 1880 campaign. They were rivals. Garfield won.

Detail of a similar quilt made with Grover Cleveland and James Blaine
ribbons (1884 campaign). The maker had more winner than loser ribbons.


Themis Abdo said...

The history of American quilts is very rich, charm me with all , I am happy Sunday to open my emails and have Barbara Brackman in the list.
Best regards from Brazil
Themis Abdo

Janie said...

Looks like a form of crazy quilting, great use of what was on hand.

Tamanna Farhana said...

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