Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Meanwhile at Another Blog

4 Janet Perkins

8 Jeanne at Spiral

Over on my Material Culture blog we are making hexies....

Barbara S at Gravestones
Above and Below

Check the Morris Hexathon every Saturday for a free Block of the Week

Some blocks are turning out traditional....

Some quite Morris-y

Above and below Nancy S.

Ilyse's #7

Lin at StVictorQuilts

Some not

Paula's #7
Some fussy cut

Bettina's #5

Dustin's #6

Dorry at ColvinKiwi - #4
Stitchers are using a lot of yellow

Lin's #7 at StVictorQuilts

Cheryl's #8

Yellow is always a good thing.

And I think Denniele is getting a handle on Christmas
with a seasonal I Spy quilt for some lucky grandchild.

Becky's #9

It's not to late to catch up. We just did Block #10 on Saturday.
There are 16 blocks to go---till Fall.
Here's a Pinterest Page with all the links:

Dustin's #4


Barbara said...

Thanks, Barbara! What fun it is to see everyone's hexies :)

Petal49 said...

So much inspiration. Beautiful takes on a single pattern. Love the stripes.

Jeanne said...

Smiling and waving -- thanks! :)

Denniele said...

Love to see all the different versions together. Dustin's stripes amaze me each week! This is proving to be a most enjoyable project!

dustincecil said...

all of those morris prints make we swoon!

Dorry said...

How fabulous to see all this variety! The challenge of this hexie project is wonderful and I am so enjoying it. Thank you Barbara for keeping our brains active and our fingers nimble.