Saturday, February 13, 2016

Loyal Hearts of Illinois Quilt Catalog

Detail of a post Civil War quilt
made by a Union veteran and his wife.

I missed seeing the exhibit Loyal Hearts of Illinois a few years ago.
So I am glad to find an online catalog.

The catalog is in the Illinois State Museum's publication
The Living Museum, Spring 2013.

Click here to see a file:

On the right you'll see page numbers of the magazine.
The catalog is pages 2 to 30. Click on each page to read the labels and see the quilts
that were in the show.

See those small arrows under the window. Click on those to
make the window larger or smaller. Experiment to find the best
viewing size, etc for quilts and captions.

Do enlarge the pictures to see the detail in these lovely quilts 

The names of the veterans above
appear on the GAR flag quilt below.

Items sold at Sanitary Fairs.
A corncob pincushion?
I can see it with yellow yo-yos.


Vic in NH said...

Thank you for sharing the online catalog of the exhibition. After your last post in which I read all about Courthouse Steps, now it is fun to see yet another historic example.

MaryC said...

I'm blown away with the embroidered white counterpane! Almost inconceivable how long that must have taken to complete. I'd like to see this one 'up close and personal'!

cspoonquilt said...

thanks for providing that link! It was nice to see so many historic quilts with stories to go with them! A very interesting read! cheers!

Nann said...

It was a great exhibit. I'm so glad I got to see it.

Every Stitch said...

Thanks so much for the link - wonderful viewing !

suzanne said...

Thanks for the post & the link. It's like having a new book in my collection.

Janie said...

I'm totally amazed at the hand work. Thanks, I'll be studying this for a while.

Unknown said...

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Linzey Joy said...

Saw the Illinois State exhibit at it's Lockport gallery and it was wonderful!