Saturday, January 18, 2014

Quilting Party Like It's 1862

Phila L Brown
Scituate, Rhode Island

I keep a file of quilts with the dates inscribed. 
The list for the first full year of the Civil War
1862 is fairly short.

Amity Powers
North Scituate RI

Betsy Walker
North Scituate

Betsy Woodmansee
Scituate RI

I have photos of four blocks from this Rhode Island top from an online auction. It's set with white

A few more quilts date-inscribed 1862:
Signature quilt from the Iowa State Historical Society

Same pattern. This one from an online auction
was made in Ulster County, New York.

The International Quilt Study Center and Museum
has three with that date including this hexagon friendship 
quilt possibly from Cheshire, Massachusetts.

See the whole quilt here:

And a Pennsylvania quilt here:

A four-block set from the Carlson collection made by Permelia Ann Watkins in Miami County, Ohio.

Applique sampler from the Wortendyke Family
See details here:

And a version of the Rose of Sharon
signed by Hannah Custer and Nancy Lehman
(possibly Pennsylvania sisters)

I have 16 quilts inscribed 1861 in the file and only 8 from 1862.
We would have to guess that war was disruptive to everyday
life in many ways.


Becky in VA said...

Thanks for starting my day off with some beauties from 1861-62.

WoolenSails said...

I love seeing quilts from my area, need to go back to the small museum homes in my area and see if I can spy some quilts in the bedrooms.


Anonymous said...

That is interesting about the difference in numbers in the two years. I don't know if the sample is large enough to be a statistic, but it does indicate that there were things we don't think about normally. Research into those numbers would make a great history project for the right person. =)