Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blocks on Point

Conny's Quilts

Setting the blocks on the diagonal is something that mid-19th-century quilters liked to do. It presents a few design challenges,which readers have solved in a variety of ways. What to do with the edge triangles? Above, a nice solution from Conny's Quilts.

ImaQuilter Wis.
Putting the blocks on point means you don't need as many---you can make two quilts, especially if you alternate with unpieced squares.

Kookaburra Calling
And if you put a large block in the center--- a feathered star is always eyecatching--- you need fewer than 52.

Leigh Ann used a Southern Star block for the center.
Lois O.
And then you can do this--- but I'm not going to figure out the math.

Lois has the border on it now. See her stream for a detailed picture of the clever double geese design. She says it's paper pieced.


Becky in VA said...

I've been coming to this blog each Saturday morning since January 2011. There are some wonderful, wonderful quilts as a result of this block of the week project.

If you still come to this site each Saturday, please leave a comment so we can see how many of us are addicted to this site!

Bev in TX said...

I'm following via RSS feed, so that I don't miss anything :-).

krisgray said...

Wow - what lovely settings!

conny's quilts en creaties said...

How kind of you to put my quilt at your blog, I likes those others too!
Thanks again for this great project!

Anonymous said...

Haven't missed a Saturday yet!

Tammy in High River, AB

Terry said...

It's the one thing I do every Saturday before I go to sleep for the day (I work nights!) even if I haven't been able to get online all week (which I haven't this week!) and Barbara NEVER disappoints! I'm still amazed at all the beautiful works of art produced by wonderful talented people.

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful pieces. I do like blocks set on point, such a nice look to the whole design.


regan said...

Yep....every Saturday!

krislovesfabric said...

Love this site, always a pleasure to see your posts and the finished quilts are still motivating me to finish mine!

Lucy said...

I'm here - every week as usual. :-) I can't help myself.

Leigh Ann said...

It is so exciting to have my quilt top used in your blog. I too continue to look forward to coming to this blog every Saturday morning. Thank you Barbara!

quiltmom anna said...

I love quilt blocks on point- they make beautiful designs- very eye catching.
I hadn't thought about the fact that you need fewer blocks to make an on point quilt. As always, an interesting point.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise. I read your blog regularly.
Regards from Western Canada,

Liz said...

I love this blog. My son who is being homeschooled is enjoying the Civil War stories. Is the whole blog closing down in July or are you hustremoving he blocks?

Christiexhzh said...

How kind of you to put my quilt at your blog, I likes those others too! Thanks again for this great project!