Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blocks Together North and South

Australia Sue took her top out in the yard and photographed it a few weeks ago.

Green grass and green leaves in December? We shivering in the other hemisphere can only sigh.....

Here's a closeup of her setting strips,
which have a triangle on the end
 to make a subtle pinwheel star.
Quite nice and I am pleased to see she used a lot of fabric from the Civil War Reunion collection I did for Moda. I love those bright blues with the red.

And on the other end of the earth

Autumnsbama posted this finished top. (S)he seems to be living in the Northern Hemisphere.

She used a strong paisley to pull her color scheme together and printed her own label block at top left. It looks great in the snow!

Becky has added a sticky note to the Flickr page for finished tops---
Click here
And post your tops here. I'll continue to post them here on Saturdays too. I don't want you to be lonesome on Saturdays.


Rita said...

WOW!!!! Everyone did a fantastic job!

Brenda said...

These are beautiful! :)

*karendianne. said...

Oh these are so wonderful.

Pat said...

Gorgeous settings on both! Yes, it seems so strange not to have a block posted each Saturday:o)
Slowly doing an appliqued eagle for my center before assembling my (completed - Yeah!) blocks. it will be a while.

Thank you so much, Barbara for offering this project from the heart...and I now have a thick binder with tons of history too!

AustraliaSue said...

Thank you Barbara, for showing my quilt...I do have a clear photo of the cornerposts if you would prefer. Let me know and I will send it to you... Best wishes, AustraliaSue

WoolenSails said...

Both are beautiful and love the red and the blue versions, really makes me want to make one.


Unknown said...

Thanks Barbra for showing my blue and brown quilt I also made a scrappy and I love how both turned out, It was so much fun to come here and find a new block and history, every Sat morning, thank you again for all your work and time to give us a beautiful work of art. I love seeing all the colour choices and settings, Linda

Unknown said...

WAOUUUUUUUUU TROP TROP BEAUX !!! I love these quilts !!! and the blue and brown is so nice with the snow !!! red for Australia ... with the climate... normal !!! FELICITATIONS !!!! (congratulations !!!)

bolero said...

Wouahhhhhhhhh, c'est magnifique, j'adore les couleurs pleine de vie.

sandynette said...

magnifiques ces deux patchworks !
j'ai une préférence pour le marron,mais les deux représentent beaucoup de travail,bravo aux personnes qui ont réalisé ces superbes ouvrages !

Anonymous said...

Nice quilts 4thgrader

Anonymous said...

dear buitifull quilt mackers thwere butifful sincearly a 4th grade student at lyon elementry

Anonymous said...

are this real quilts?
forth grader
lyon elementry

Anonymous said...

dear, brackman i like the america quilt

4th grader
lyon elementary

Anonymous said...

wow!!!!! these quilts are pretty especially the red quilts(:(:(:(: