Monday, January 17, 2011

3 Seven Sisters Posted

Stars upon stars by Donna

The reverse by Becky

Apparently I mentioned the A word, which can stand for Applique As Anathema.
But this is a relatively simple applique block.
See all the postings on the Flickr site (click on the photographer in the left hand column)
for different methods.
We did the one on the book cover by machine using freezer paper applique.
Last year Karla posted how-tos on her blog about machine applique techniques. This post on clipping inner curves could come in handy here.

Enquiring stitchers want to know:
Will there be more applique?
Will there be more appliqued stars?
Maybe (I've only written this through March as of yet)

You'll want to find all your blue star fabric as there will be more flags.

This print is from my 2010 Moda collection Civil War Homefront

Here are a few others.

You can use the star prints to fussy cut if you don't want to applique.

Here are Seven Sisters cut from a star print.


Impera Magna said...

Ah, applique... something I've not tried yet... *lol*

Donna's and Becky's blocks are great!

Jacque Wright said...

Hooray for applique!

Sharon said...

Applique is fine with me, just wish I knew the secret to sharp star points!

Deanna said...

Don't apologise for applique. It is authentic and healthy for skill development.

Cheryl said...

I had decided to do my blocks at 6". I did like someone's idea to do wool or I may do a primitive stab stitch. Thank you for letting us know there will be more so that I can make a decision about the reality of my choice of a smaller block.

Leila said...

lol I had to look up anathema:

1. person or thing detested or loathed: That subject is anathema to him.
2. a person or thing accursed or consigned to damnation or destruction.

I love the imagery! Fairly accurate in my case. :) I have done applique but my points are HORRIBLE. Lots of room for practice on this block! :)

Nat Palaskas said...

Thanks Barbara for let us know that they will be more applique with star print needed. I am working on my 7 sisters right now. A bit slow, will post on flickr one it's done - hugs Nat

Unknown said...

I have four stars appliques, only three more to go. I need to work on my applique skills, especially points.

Mad about Craft said...

I like applique but haven't mastered needle turned yet so for this block it was god old button stitch - a half a star completed so far!

Leeanne said...

Wow I'm glad I found you (don't ask how, because I can't remember!)
I will be back, so interesting!

Sharrieboberry said...

I was checking out Inklingo and posted there is a pieced star. A good option if you're not wanting to appliqué.

beecee said...

I have been a fan for a long time and am so excited to be participating. I am looking forward to learning about this period in our history as it interfaces with textiles. I loved slowing down and doing handwork again.

Merilyn said...

I enjoyed this latest block despite the fact the initial idea of applique scared me to death! I used reverse applique, hopefully I'll get better at it as time goes on!!!

Claudia Hieber said...

who has an to applique seven little stars on a 4" block???