Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dixie Diary Label

Here's a printable label for your Dixie Diary quilt.
Click on the picture above and copy it to a JPG file or a Word file. Then print it out on a sheet of prepared cotton. I planned it to be about 6" wide with plenty of room to write your name and hometown.

Dixie Diary
by Stitch & Knit

Stitch & Knit's top turned out to be a great repro of the Civil War era look. The fabrics include a lot of my older Moda Civil War collection: Climbing Jacob's Ladder.

You'd definitely better write the date on the label. I can see quilts like this being confused with actual mid-19th century quilts in the future.

See Stitch & Knits' blocks and plans at her Flickr Photostream here:

Oops I didn't mean to post this till Saturday.... but what the heck.

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Lynn S said...

Thank you so much for a label! I've enjoyed this project and will be ready to join 8" blocks shortly. I'm going to have a plain block between and do some quilting motifs from that time period. I believe I will place the label on the front of the quilt!