Saturday, May 12, 2012

What If You Only Did 12 Blocks

Idea # 1 -
Put something really big in the center.

Keeping up is hard work. I am very impressed that so many of you got through the whole year. But in reading blogs, Flickr comments, etc. I realize many did not. (And some of you have misplaced a few blocks---I'm not naming names.)

So here are some suggestions for samplers done with fewer blocks ---ideas taken from antique quilts.

2) Use really big sashing

3) And/or a Really Big Border
From Franklin & Marshall College's collection

4) Mix in a lot of something else

A whole lot of something else

There are four patches, bow ties and other blocks in this quilt.
It's a sampler of sorts.


Deanna said...

I finished more than 12, but less than all, so here is the finish I came up with:

Thank you again for a fun quiltalong and for the history lessons. I really enjoyed the process and am pleased to have this gift to share.

WoolenSails said...

I like that green quilt with the mixed blocks and strips, really nice design idea, with a few changes.


Leila said...

Good ideas! I finished about 18 and am going to sash them out to 12 inches and mix them with some other 12 inch blocks I have made.

Sheila said...

This blog entry gave me a huge chuckle. You have to admire the women who just forged ahead no matter what. We should all be so fancy-free!

sewprimitive karen said...

How funny, I love the suggestions. I can't wait for my quilt to come back from getting quilted. Thank you so much for such an extraordinary quiltalong.

Quilter Kathy said...

Great ideas! Thanks for thinking of us slow pokes!

Anonymous said...

I love the wacky samplers, especially the ones with wild color combinations. There's such life and spontaneity in them. Thanks so much for showing them.

Mary in SD

Pat V. said...

Oh, I just love these ideas! The funnest thing I've seen all day!

Abby O said...

Where did the picture of the patriotic album quilt come from at the top of this post? I would like to make something like that in honor of son who is newly commissioned in the US Navy and a big history lover. Are there any resources you can point me to? Thank you.

Sabine said...

Dear Ms Brackman,

I do not know how to contact you other than commenting on one of your blogs, and I hope it is alright when I do so. I also joined last year´s CW Block of the Week but didn´t sew all of them because I didn´t want such a big quilt. If you are interested in the outcome please have a look here
I really enjoyed last year with all the interesting information - thank you so much.
Greetings from Germany
Sabine Probst

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ideas. I'm waiting for my elder son to pick his 25 favorite blocks, then I'll make two quilts, one for each son.