Saturday, April 7, 2012

Some Links

Celia's top from Janet's class
I've found some pictures of Civil War sampler quilts on blogs and webpages so I thought I'd share some links.

Janet in South Yorkshire, U.K. has been teaching a class using the blocks. Here are two posts:

Please Do use these blocks to teach! Just give me and this blog a credit.

Cherie of Quilted Jonquil shows her Design Wall every Monday.

Connie of Connie's Crafts has her top finished.

And there's a new Flickr Group called Circle of Friends Take 2 because everyone got lonely once they got their tops done.
Check it out:


Becky in VA said...

What a treat to see more civil war quilts inspired by your B.O.W.

Barbara, you bring out the best in people!

Dreamquilter Elke said...

Dear Barbara,
I am a German Quilter and we will open a new quiltgroup. Our first project will be to sew the Civil War Quilt. Hope we can sew the first blocks in May.
Please look into the old comment, I had a ask. Thank you for all your time and great work!
Elke from Germany

Janet said...

Barbara, please accept my apologies for not crediting you on my blog posts. I did give you credit the first time that I mentioned the Civil War Quilts but then ommitted to do it in subsequent posts. Entirely my fault for not following correct blog etiquette.
All the members of my class have so enjoyed making the blocks and reading the history on your blog each week. I have also introduced them to your books and other blog.

I have now put links to your blog into my blog posts.

The quilts are almost finished and I am now hoping to get a British Quilt Show to exhibit them - with full credit given to you of course!

Barbara Brackman said...

Janet-I saw that credit and I thank you. Do send pictures so we can all see the finished quilts. I appreciate your using the blog as a teaching curriculum.

ConnieB/CA said...

How exciting to see my top on your blog! It is now a finished quilt, keeping me warm at night. Love it!