Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pinterest Board on Civil War Quilts

Sampler by Dorothea Klein Lemley,
Sheboygan, Wisconsin, blocks 1861-1865,
possibly assembled later,
 from my book Civil War Women.

Over the past year I've been collecting photos of quilts actually made during the Civil War by Union and Confederate quiltmakers. I've also got a file of commemoratives made after the War. 

Mary Rockhold Teter's quilt
from a pattern in Peterson's Magazine in 1861
---now in the Smithsonian collection

When I discovered  the online bulletin board Pinterest I thought a board might be a good way to display these. Each picture is linked to the website where I found it.

Click here:

I'll add to it as I find more pictures.


Barbara Brackman said...

Had to remove the comments due to a spam attack, but keep commenting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for linking that. I love the quilts of this era.

Anonymous said...

i really like these pictures.
i just would like to figure out what was your purpose of making these quilts???

fourth grader,
lyon elementry

Anonymous said...

the top one looks different than the one on the bottom. it looks like the one on the bottom is older than the one on top.

4th grader
lyon elementery

Anonymous said...

the top one looks differnet than the one on the bottom it looks like the top one is the original and the bottom one look like a reproducching

fourth grader,
lyon elementry

Anonymous said...

And you have asked for been given permission to us each and every one of these pictures? per pine what ever guidelines that you read and ok'd...... commenting as anonymous as the google account is once again EAT my comments... and you know it just ain't worth trying to figure out AGAIN.