Wednesday, March 6, 2024

2024 Applique: Kentucky Classic Block of the Month


We have big plans for applique this year and it all starts in three weeks.

We've long admired Garrard County's appliqued medallions
like Amanda Estill Moran's recorded by the Kentucky Quilt Project.

See more about her quilt in a post here:
And more about the related Kentucky quilts here in a post about Garrard County (pronounced to rhyme with Herod like King Herod.)

Numerous talented quilters have also been inspired by the medallion format:
Merri Garton's recent version of Deb King's
"Deb's Not Telling the Whole Truth" in Australia.
They tell me the name comes from the fact that Deb told
them it would be simple.
Simple that medallion is NOT. 

Becky B.'s palette: Red & green on an updated toile with blues.

We are making it even more complicated. There will be every other month in 2024 (March, May, July and September) a pattern for a medallion interpretation of the Kentucky Classic medallion, some with blocks repeated. We'll also show you Becky Brown's changes to the pattern.

On the last Wednesdays from March through November there will be nine single-block patterns to set side-by-side---much less intimidating and better for those of us with the short attention span. The medallion set requires 4 copies of some of the blocks. The monthly side-by-side sets requires only one each of the nine blocks.

Side by Side

Becky Collis is making the Medallion format too, using red & green
but with a contemporary tilt. One large-scale, several small-scale prints
and a couple of vivid solids. Her background-almost white, almost gray.

Now you are going to ask How Much Fabric do I need?????
You always ask that.
My best guesses (it's always a guess with the mathematically challenged.)

For the side by side below:

Background fabrics for the medallion below: 
2-1/2 Yards (Plus extra for a border if you want to add one.)

For the applique. The first question is always:
Scrappy or Consistent Across the Blocks?
For scrappy: Fat quarters of 3 lights, mediums & darks to contrast with your background.
Do shop in your stash.

For consistent: I'd buy 1-1/4 yards of at least 5 fabrics.

Now just to further overwhelm you I am showing you Rita Verroca's interpretation of the Garrard County classics, which she calls Sundance. She's added a lot---birds & sunflowers.

 Her fabrics are traditional red and green, a bit of pink and chrome orange. It is just amazing. Buy the pattern here ($120).

Look for our first pattern in Kentucky Classic March 27th.

Here's our Facebook group where you can post your own pix and see what others are up to.

And you can find a pattern at my Etsy shop---$12:


Susie H said...

Lovely quilts! The inspiration, Rita's interpretation, all of them!

Rebecca in AK said...

Beautiful quilts! Now to choose my fabrics. I may wait for the medallion pattern to come out before I make my final choices. Thank you for another great BOM!