Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Book Giveaway: Civil War Quilts: Revised by Pamela Weeks


Pam Weeks revised and updated the book she wrote with the late Don Beld several years ago. She sent me an extra copy of Civil War Quilts: Revised, Updated, and Expanded, 2020 to give away to readers of CivilWarQuilts.

The GiveAWAY is over
and the winner is Wendy in Maine
I'll send her a note.

And take down the comments.
Thanks for commenting.

It's always fun to hear a little more about the readers.

Pam is curator at the New England Quilt Museum, which has several Civil War quilts made to warm hospitalized soldiers. She & Don did a preliminary study for the 2012 edition but she has found more information. Her focus is New England where these Sanitary Commission quilts were made by the thousands, but very few survive.

I use her book all the time as a basis for biographical tales about the women who made these remarkable bedcovers.

As in this post a couple of weeks ago:

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