Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Ladies' Aid New York Sampler BOM Starts 2 Weeks

This year's applique Block of the Month.
Pretty simple applique echoing New York album quilts.

Sort of a summary of the applique designs often seen
there, this one from the New York project and the 
Quilt Index.

Barbara Schaffer's doing her model in reproduction prints
from her stash. See her blog here:

Becky Brown is using my new Ladies' Legacy repro collection from Moda (in shops any day.)

Which means I can go crazy and do something totally non repro.

I'm doing All Dots, All Day.
Primary colors.


I forgot the purpose of this post---got carried away by dots. 
We have several sets and you can make up your own.

One "official set" is a distinctly New York idea---linking
the sampler blocks by leaving the corners empty,
then filling them with an image that makes a secondary pattern.
We are using hearts.

Like this block in a sampler in the collection
of the Heritage Museum in Massachusetts.

Print this out 8-1/2" wide and save it as you will need
to make four hearts every month if you use this set.

The idea is just about irresistible.

Do join our Facebook page:


And see more information about fabric and set here:

First pattern up here on Wednesday March 31st.

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