Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Threads of Memory: Underground Railroad Quilt Based on History

Nonie's Block 11
St. Charles Star for Louisa Alexander
Threads of Memory BOM

You may recall six years ago that one of the first BOMs we did on this Civil War Quilts Blog was Threads of Memory. 

Jean Stanclift stitched the original model

It was a real learning experience for me, digitizing star patterns I'd sketched with a pen and then in EQ, fitting them on 8-1/2" x 11" sheets of paper so readers could print them out and hanging PDF patterns on the posts. The PDFs on the posts are now gone---those clouds shift with time---but the stories are still up there in blog posts.  See the links at the bottom of the page.

Block #8 Jacksonville Star for
Emily Logan
By Jo Tokla

I have had the patterns for sale in two formats in my Etsy shop. The other day Lily told me there was a printing problem with a few pattern templates, so I figured out what was wrong (Layout program automatically shrunk the pattern pieces) and reformatted the blocks that had templates.

#5 Madison Star for Delia Webster by Jelibet

The beautiful blocks here are from readers back in 2014.

Block #1 Portsmouth Star for Ona Judge Staines
by Suzie Kidman

Once I looked at it again I decided to reduce the price.

The PDF to print yourself with Nonie's block is now $12 for 12 patterns.

The black & white patterns through the mail are $15 (includes US shipping.)

Pat Styring and friends in the St. Augustine Piecers
followed along. She did her own border (of course!)

#3 New Garden Star for Catherine White Coffin
 by Denniele Bohannon

#8 Lancaster Star for Deborah Simmons Coates
By Betty

 #10 Britain's Star for Charlotte Henson
by Pattyepoo

#4 Canada Star for Lucie Blackburn
By CivilWarQuiltFan

#6 Salem Star for Charlotte Forten Grimke
By Rosemary Youngs

#2 Mercer County Star for Susan Lowe Wattles
By Suzie Kidman

#12 Rochester Star for Amy Post & Harriet Jacobs
by Becky Brown

#7 Oberlin Star for the Oberlin Rescuers by Jean Stanclift

In 2014 we had a Flickr Gallery that has almost 600 wonderful pictures. Dustin Cecil maintained it for us.

Dustin pieced the whole thing in one fabric, ticking.

Here are links to the history of the women and the "Liberty Line."

Becky Brown finished two phenomenal tops.

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Becky in VA said...

Thanks for taking us back on a short walk down memory lane and seeing Threads of Memory - was that really only 6 years ago? Seems like much longer, but these past few months have messed up my head in terms on time. Seeing my quilt top makes me want to get it out of the closet and finish it. I put it away because I just couldn't figure out how I would hand quilt it with all those spiky points.