Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Mulberry Wreath Blocks

Rebecca, Mulberry Wreath
Block #2 Cassandra's Circle Block of the Month

Cassandra's Circle is definitely a group project. I didn't give you much to go on in Block #2
the Mulberry Wreath. Becky, Denniele & Pat interpreted it in different ways.

So it is great to see what readers have been stitching up.

Karrin followed the pattern with some shapely purple mulberries.

Lisa also managed to get it all in.

Beth liked Rebecca's look so put two mulberries per leaf.

And so did Peggy.

As did Maureen. She seems to have been inspired by Pat Styring's more complex mulberry leaves.

Rose Marie remembered the rule: Fill any visual vacuum with dots.
(I made that rule up or maybe Becky did.)
Her mulberry shapes cleverly wound up on top of the leaves.

Susannah---dots always good.
She really filled the block gracefully.

Dorothy's is all her own.

Me---I'm doing it half size. There will be more stuff on this when
I get the whole thing set, I think. Dots. Embroidery ala Sue Spargo.

Hoping you are inspired to add and rearrange.
Block #3 next Wednesday March 25th.


Jackie said...

Love all the variations!

pinkdeenster said...

Nothing to do with this post, but the link from my water wheel block is broken!

Kerry said...

What lovely blocks - particularly drawn to the intricate pointed leaves! Excellent work peeps.

QuiltGranma said...

All so interestingly different, kind of like the antique quilts and their variations.

Rebecca in AK said...

I loved seeing all the variations of this block. Everyone did such a great job on them.