Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Cassandra's Circle: Fabrics & Sets

Cassandra in the center with a few women of her circle

Cassandra's Circle Block of the Month begins here on Wednesday January 29, 2020. Look for a free applique pattern on the last Wednesday of every month through January 2021---there are thirteen blocks.

We'll keep the same Facebook page. I'm changing the name to CivilWarApplique but it's the same URL. Post pictures of either 2019's Hospital Sketches or 2020's Cassandra's Circle. We have almost a thousand members.

Official Set

72" square without a border

The 13 blocks.
The large center block will be pattern #1 in January.
See a post about this set here:

97" Square with Border

And this year you'll get a pattern for an appliqued border finishing to 12-1/2". Border pattern in early January so you can start appliqueing flowers and leaves.


Janet Olmstead's traditional applique colors for Hospital Sketches

The patterns will finish to 18", the same size as the applique in last year's BOM Hospital Sketches. I imagine a few of you haven't gotten all 12 blocks finished yet so you could continue with the same colors and fabrics, combining blocks and sets from both years.

A couple of stitchers used a monochrome blue color scheme that worked great. Above: Karen Doerr Martin's block atop Angie's from Quilting on the Crescent.

Becky Brown is using William-Morris-inspired prints on a single textured background. Her palette of primary colors, red, yellow, green and blue, is pushed to sophisticated, muted shades.

 You can bet she chooses her prints with an eye to fussy cutting.

Pat Styring is also using a primary palette but intense shades and her backgrounds are black. She's thinking dots and words.


Barb Rowland Roberts

Last year some of us appliqued to a scrappy four patch and you may want to continue that idea.

Lorraine Hoffman

Linda Pyke shaded the four patches---dark in the corners,
light in the center, a nice way to unify the design.

And then there's Matt Macomber's!
I cannot wait to see him finish this.

 If you are thinking pieced backgrounds here's an idea and a different set for Cassandra's Circle: Twelve 18" blocks in an alternate dark and light shaded set. The applique goes over the frame, sort of a layered look.

Light on dark, dark on light

54" x 72" without a border

I'm doing a small version with unpieced backgrounds, reducing the patterns by half to 9-inch finished blocks. My color scheme is taken from teens & twenties magazine illustration like this cover by Miriam Story Hurford.

Bright colors across the spectrum

Pastels and darker...
A lot of peach

With a checkerboard sash?


Wendy Caton Reed said...

Can't wait! I love Becky's William Morris choice. And, I too am really anxious to see Matt's top finished. I think his was my favorite color scheme. What an eye!

Jeanne said...

Will we be able to purchase these patterns (and Yankee Notions) in advance, like last year? I'm a veeerrrryyy slow applique-er!

Angie said...

Lots of fabric ideas to ponder. I'm looking forward to seeing how your color inspiration plays out - great idea!

Jacque Wright said...

So many design ideas and pattern choices! Hard to decide on just one

kupton52 said...

I love the William Morris palette...I will use muted colors as well but as I have an abundance of older Thimbleberries I will use that,I think....maybe....but those WM prints are so pretty....hmmmm...recalculating....

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...thank you for all you do and share. I'm looking forward to this BOM as I'm finishing up my Hospital Sketches....I left FB years ago but love to see pictures on the blog.

Color Love said...

Becky Brown: I always love your color and print choices! Where do you live and can I take a workshop with you??

Sandyb said...

Did block 9 get sent out yet? I see it posted but didn’t receive it. I am loving this project so much and don’t want to miss anything? Thank you