Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Teamwork: Denniele & Sue's Sprouts

Blue Dot, Blue Dot-Where Might You Be?
by Denniele Bohannon, quilted by Sue Daurio

Denniele Bohannon won first prize in the Machine Applique
category with her version of Sprouts at the Missouri State Fair a few weeks ago.

Clever label inked on vintage needlework

I helped.

Denniele wanted a less time-consuming version of our Hospital Sketches applique BOM so I picked a few elements from each large block for a design appliqued to a 10' square. 

Block #3 Sprouts

Denniele changed my design, first by appliqueing to a 9-1/2" square for a finished 9" block.

And she kept changing things.

Here's the proportional drawing
3" increments
9" Finished Blocks

Sue Daurio's webpage:

Denniele's Facebook page for Louanna Mary Quilt Designs:


Wendy Caton Reed said...

Fantastic! I love the blue dots and the machine quilting is amazing.

Mark Lauer said...

Denniele's quilt is wonderful!! The colors are really fun and her piecing is beautiful! So pretty!

Kerry said...

Super - well pieced and the addition of blue dots are fun and the lovely quilting just brings it out even more. The label is a nice addition too. Beautiful quilt and a well deserved award.

Denniele said...

Blue Dot truly was created by teamwork. Barbara, you started all this in motion by creating Sprouts and then encouraging me to add or subtract at will and create a setting. Sue finished her up in style with her marvelous quilting. We, as quilters, are all fortunate to have this BOM platform from you.