Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Civil War Quilts: Block of the Month

Trolling around to see what's up in the reproduction fabric world I've come across some Blocks of the Month designs that may interest you. Perfect for your reproduction stashes---or buy new fabric.
Pam Buda's Star Spangled Liberty is a year old. A very clever set!

Maywood Studio has a new BOM with a similar name and an ambitious center.

Kim Diehl's Pride & Joy is also new---6 months.

Carol Hopkins's It's Not a Square should be fun. 
If it's 57" across how big are those rectangles!
UPDATE: Karen says 4" x 5"!

More about what I'm planning here for 2018 next week. Antebellum Album will be 12 pieced blocks with monthly stories.


Jeanne said...

That Pam Buda BOM is interesting. Woohoo -- Antebellum Album! :)

Kerry said...

That Star Spangled Beauty was well named, a beautiful quilt.

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I wish I had time to make them all! I am working on the Carol Hopkins blocks--they are from the book 4" x 5" Block Anthology and fun to make.

Susan said...

I didn't get to do this year's, so I'm hoping for better results for next year. Thank you for continuing to bring wonderful things to us!