Saturday, December 12, 2015

Crib Quilt Relative

Bed-sized quilt from Stephen Score Antiques in Boston

Crib Quilt from the Offit collection

After writing last week's post about a silk crib quilt with gold eagles in the corners I remembered where I'd seen that quilt before.

Not exactly the same---but a relative.

The full-size quilt at the top of the page has these 31 stars arranged in the central field.
The crib quilt has 34.

Several flag quilts have similar arrangements, so it's not so much the similarity in the stars that struck me.

Quilt made in Belfast, Maine in 1864

Quilt by Ivy Purcell documented by the New Jersey project,
photo from the Quilt Index.

It's the gold eagles that caught my eye.
Above on the large quilt.
Below on the small.

The small quilt is silk, the large looks to be cotton.

The large quilt is embroidered “Hope of our country” “The Star of Freedom: “M.W. L to C.M.L” It's attributed to a member of the Lewis Family of Boston and Saint Louis.

Read more about the large quilt here at a post I did several years ago:

I'm looking for more quilts with those gold eagles. 

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Suzanne A said...

Great catch! I remember that quilt (and the controversy) but I'd forgotten the eagles. Looks like the same eagle pattern taken from some kind of source that was curculated, maybe from a magazine or product label. But not one I've ever seen. Maybe someone will recognize it.