Saturday, November 28, 2015

Stolen Quilt for Jefferson Davis

The Metropolitan Fair in Manhattan, 1864

Had you been to the 1864 Metropolitan Fair
you might have been able to tell us more about an intriguing item
listed in the catalog. In one of those displays pictured above:

"956. Bed Quilt. Made by ladies of Baltimore for 
Jefferson Davis. Intercepted on its way to Dixie. W. P. J."

The stolen quilt seems to have been shown with the "Flags of the Fifth N.Y. Vols (Duryee's Zouaves.)

Founder of the Fifth N.Y Abram Duryee
standing right with zouave pants.

Duryee's Zouaves charging into battle from Harper's Weekly

Duryee's Zouaves at the end of the century, wearing their characteristic

Perhaps they confiscated this quilt meant for the President of the Confederacy in their campaign in Maryland in 1862.

Let's hope someone's saved it.

The reference:
Catalogue of the Museum of Flags, Trophies and Relics Relating to the ...
 By New York (N.Y.). Metropolitan fair, 1864.
See the catalog  here at Google Books:


kdduncan said...
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kdduncan said...

I believe you have located a quilt that I have been searching for. It is probably the same quilt that was seized in Baltimore in 1862 and turned over to General Wool. However, I also have not figured out what happened to it after that point.

Barbara Brackman said...

See Kathy's post to read a description of the quilt---it's a large Confederate flag. Would not be hard to identify if it ever turns up again.

Now we know that it was turned over to General Wool we can keep on its trail.

Unknown said...

Beautiful finished quilt Becky. Thanks for sharing the layout details, sizes etc. That was very nice of you.