Saturday, November 15, 2014

Connecticut & New York Sampler: 1866-67

Union shield in the center of a post-Civil-War sampler

Summer Spread Sampler Album
with blocks dated 1866, 1867 and 1875.
Recently sold by Old Hope Antiques
Their copy:

"This Friendship Quilt has 42 signed stitched-squares w/a vine border. Several squares are dated 1866, 1867, 1875 and stitched “Stamford, Conn” or Brooklyn L.I.” Many signatures include “Clayton”, “Thomson”, and “Wilson” families, along with a square depicting the dog, “Prince”. Perhaps the shield with the name “George W. Clayton” and date “1866″ reflects his service in the Civil War."
The photos are so good one can see the dates on many.

And you can see the fabric well too.
It looks like the blocks were stitched in 1866 and '67...

In Connecticut and Brooklyn

Each block is joined to the next with a corded or possibly a
flat welt.  There is no quilting.

The blocks available in closeup appear to have
been made right after the Civil War. Perhaps
a few were added when it was made into a spread
in 1875.
Has the color faded from the tan joining strips, indicating
they were added in the 1870s, when unstable synthetic dyes became
the standard?

See large photos at Olde Hope Antiques:

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Jane A. said...

My hubby made me a PDF of block eleven, otherwise I would be lost. I just print PDF and it is correct size. Wonderful.The quilt is Threads of Memory.