Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dixie Diary Progress

Dixie Diary 2 by Terry

Terry (Honas52) is doing two tops of six inch blocks multiplied in rows of six:
She says: "Six 6-inch blocks in nine rows, three 4-inch blocks plus appliqued star and heart in the corners."

The photo above with the 4"  flying geese border shows the background print better.

She finished it out with a caramel-colored brown 
and it's on its way to the quilter.

The strips of the same block is a nice idea, and these were so simple they were easy to repeat.
See her photostream here:

Denniele (tmdab) has all 12 blocks done and set in their frames.

Her photostream:

PinkDeenster has photographed all of her blocks on the design wall. She's using recycled needlework---embroidery, etc.

She's got them set and working on a border.
See more:

MooseBayMuses has her block done but she is (of course!) short of sashing fabric (12" short). Stay tuned.

She's ordering more.


WoolenSails said...

I really like how Denniele set her blocks and the way she used your fabrics, really nice look.


Anonymous said...

What interesting differences from one to another. I like the idea of the row quilts.