Saturday, July 20, 2013

We're Over Half Done

Dixie Diary

We've done Block # 7 of the Dixie Diary block-of-the-month, so we have 5 to go. People have been posting their progress. Twelve Oaks has added the one-inch frame to hers as she goes.

I found some of these in our Flickr photo album. Click on the photographer in the left hand column or here:

I did a little photoshopping to make them look their best.

Dixie Diary
Rosemary Y
Rosemary has sashing plans.

Dixie Diary
And Honas52 has finished a top with half her blocks.

Dixie Diary
Cookie's Creek
 Cookie's Creek has posted her first six, pieced in pink and brown.

Dixie Diary
Moose Bay Muses

She's using Jo Morton's Alexandria reproduction line. 

See her tutorial on how to applique a simple star here:

Dixie Diary
She's been re-purposing old embroidered linens. It's turning out quite well.
The black is just the photography background. 
It will be fun to find out what she comes up with for a setting.

Post your progress. We'll look forward to seeing how it's all coming together.


Anonymous said...

That star applique tutorial is terrific. Thanks for including it!

WoolenSails said...

I enjoy seeing how others make their blocks into quilts. I have done something similar to that with stars, but they don't always come out, every time, so i need to find a method that is full proof, I do have patterns with stars that I want to do and was thinking of using fusible.


JoAnn SweetPepperRose said...

Very nice! I always enjoy coming over to see the lovely blocks y'all make.

Phyllis said...

I enjoy making these blocks. Can't wait to put them together. I decided to make both sizes so I can give one as a gift and keep the small one for myself. Thanks for the time you take to post all of the information. I always learn so much.

sharong said...

The Museum of the Confederacy has their quilt collection online and it is very nice.

Christina Caffrey @ Split-Site PhD said...

All of these are so beautiful. I love all of this. My favorite one is the Cookie’s Creek, the one that is all pink and brown. I love the colors and the patterns.