Saturday, March 16, 2013

Civil War/Masonic Commemorative

In the Myrtle Beach episode of the PBS TV show Antique Roadshow they appraised a Masonic Quilt from after the Civil War with a great story. The maker was in the path of Sherman's March and saved her house and belongings from the Union soldiers by using secret information her Masonic husband had told her to use if she was threatened. Masons in Sherman's army gave her special treatment. In gratitude she made this Masonic quilt after the war.

Watch the appraisal episode here:

Here's a black and white shot of the same quilt

Ohio (Probably)
Collection: National Heritage Museum

On the topic of Masonic quilts:
There is a show of quilts and needlework with Masonic themes up at the National Heritage Museum which focuses on Masonic history. Threads of Brotherhood: Masonic Quilts and Textiles is up through the spring, 2013.
The Museum is in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Jane D. Haight Webster (1808-1877)
 Indiana, South Bend
Collection: National Heritage Museum

Today, Saturday March 16, Curator Aimee Newell will give a talk discussing "how women of the 1800s and 1900s demonstrated knowledge of Masonic values with their needles and created textiles that serve as lasting reminders of skills."

Read more here:

The Museum has a quilt collection on the topic.
Do a search for the word quilt on their search page


kathyinozarks said...

this was so interesting thank you, I have sent a link off to my brother who is a mason

suzanne said...

Such smart thinking on her husband's part to think that the Yankees could be Masons and would honor the bond. When my parents died I was surprised to see a Masonic emblem on their tombstone. They had attended meetings (Masons & Eastern Star) when I was a very small child, but never afterward for 30 years that I knew of. Still, that's what they wanted on their stone. It's all just a mystery to me, as I guess the Masons intend it to be.

Katherine said...

I saw the episode when it was airing on my PBS station and thought the quilt - and the story behind it - were awesome. Thanks for sharing it again.

WoolenSails said...

Really interesting story and love the quilt. My dad had things from the masons, so i guess he was one, lol. Never really understood it and his book was in code.


Jen said...

Thank you that was so interesting to see the Masonic quilts and hear the story. My Dad was a Mason and I still have the very old special Aprons and brief case with other emblems and Mason things. I didn't even know that there were quilts relateing to this.

Rachel said...

Fantastic! Thanks for the great info. So so interesting.